Leveraging Your Leadership

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Discover the power of Leveraging Your Leadership

Today, in a crowded and highly competitive industry where success is defined by being first to market or best in class, life science leaders must be more agile, strategic thinkers, and skilled decision-makers than ever before. Leveraging Your Leadership is for vice presidents and senior directors who have a strong management foundation with a track record of success and are looking to build the leadership skills and capabilities needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing life sciences industry and reach their next level of success.

Learning key strategies and tools will not only enable and empower your leaders but also help them down the road to becoming successful and impactful in their roles.


When you say “Yes” to this dynamic three-day comprehensive solution, you say “Yes” to:

  • Solving complicated problems by successfully integrating strategic thinking and decision-making principles
  • Setting and communicating clear priorities, making sound decisions with limited or ambiguous information, influencing key stakeholders, and collaborating effectively
  • Inspiring and creating high-performing teams
  • Challenging assumptions and thinking differently to create quantum leaps, not incremental gains
  • Driving meaningful, positive change

Just like you, we’re committed to measurable results.

We strive to meet the needs of today and tomorrows life science companies by staying on top of trends and ever-changing landscapes. Our main driving focus? Assisting leaders to succeed in a crowded and highly competitive industry where success is defined by being first to market or best in class.

If there is one thing we know for sure after developing leading life science companies for over 30+ years, it’s that leaders are made, not born. Life science companies need strategic leaders who think well beyond their areas of functional expertise to grow and scale effectively as their businesses become more complex. Yet when they promote high-potential individuals based on their science or technical expertise, investing in the development of leaders is not a “nice to have", it is an absolute must to be successful.

"Leveraging Your Leadership is a powerful offering, as many of our portfolio companies were seeking growth and development for senior leaders just below the C-suite. They need to know how to influence, spark creativity, empower their teams in decision making, think cross organizationally and strategically, enabling the executive team to focus on the organizational strategy."

Aremin Hacobian, Senior Director, Head of Organization Health & Development, Third Rock Ventures

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Meet our


Mary Klein

Led by the highly experienced Mary Klein, who has tremendous industry knowledge, leading participants to explore the content through group discussions, learning pods, and using their companies as learning laboratories. 

Mary is a master facilitator and has a passion for helping leaders capitalize on their strengths and develop in new areas to achieve their personal and professional goals. She is a lifelong learner who believes you never stop growing.

In addition to delivering custom workshops, she travels across the country delivering our Leveraging Your Leadership program to our clients and industry partner members. Mary's understanding of not only the industry but of people and how they learn ensures she develops great skills and thinking in our clients. She creates a learning environment driven by fun, self-motivation, and personal accountability.

We don't waste time


Leveraging Your Leadership specifically caters to the participant’s individual needs and is full of relevant examples and one-on-one support.

Through the use of multiple facilitation techniques, we address a variety of learning styles and generational preferences. Our learning and development approaches have been supported by research to achieve the most successful participant outcomes with content and activities that have been designed to achieve great levels of implementation and impact.


$2,595 per person, for association members*
$3,095 for non-members 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Discover and develop personal leadership talents
  • Explore what “leading in your organization” really means
  • Promote goal-setting and strategic planning
  • Run effective and efficient meetings
  • Learn to coach for performance
  • Gain insights into different personality styles for better communication

Course Includes:

  • Build and execute a 2-5 year leadership development plan to launch performance to the next level
  • Develop emotional intelligence skills to ensure greater productivity and better outcomes
  • Solve complicated problems by successfully integrating strategic thinking and decision-making principles
  • Improve influence and communication skills across organizational boundaries
  • Understand how a cohesive team performs efficiently while managing challenging situations

* We partner with life science associations to offer discounted pricing. Our partners include:
Biocom CA, Life Science Washington, CALIFORNIA Life Sciences, CGHI, and HR Collectives.


Leveraging Your Leadership
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Program dates: 
Oct. 11, Oct. 26, and Nov. 9 (all 3 days)

9:00 am to 4:00 pm PT on Zoom

$2,595 for Association members
$3,095 for non-members

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